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WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

Argonstraße 7

86153 Augsburg

Telefon +49 821 5584-0










Through the acquisition of the California Kleindienst Group in 1999, WashTec AG became the world leading provider of cleaning technologies for cars, trucks and buses.

The company was floated in 1997 and employs about 1,700 people. WashTec AG produces, markets and services a complete range of wash systems with conventional brushes, cloth washers and high-pressure water jets for cars, commercial vehicles, making it a preferred supplier to global petrol companies, car manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. A consistent focus on innovative, high-quality products, strict customer orientation and worldwide service are key factors for the company’s success. The constant expansion of its range of services covering everything from standard maintenance to total facility management confirms WashTec AG’s position as a full-service provider.

Proximity to the market and targeted innovations make WashTec the world market leader.


Product portfolio

WashTec’s range of products for cars and commercial vehicles includes rollover, wash tunnel conveyor systems and jet washes. The modular concept permits customisation to individual customer requirements.

System operations

WashTec sees itself as a full-service provider. Full service includes not only repairs, but a wide range of additional services such as regular maintenance, supply of chemicals, booth cleaning as well as technical and visual facelifts. WashTec Carwash Operations GmbH offers network operators a comprehensive range of services, from financing schemes and planning support to installation and operation of the wash systems in cooperation with the customer.


auwa Chemie offers a complete range of carwash chemicals and with its “auwa” brand, has become a well-established manufacturer in the predominantly medium-sized European market for carwash chemicals. auwa Chemie has its own sales network in Germany and sales partners across Europe. This way, WashTec is able to give its customers even greater support in their car wash businesses, by supplying them with washing chemicals specially developed for carwashes.


  1. Controlling and profit and loss transfer agreement
  2. Subgroup with California Kleindienst Administrative B.V., Zoetermeer, Netherlands and WashTec Benelux N.V., Brussels, Belgium whose earnings are included in the financial statements of WashTec Benelux B.V., Zoetermeer, Netherlands.
  3. The company is currently inactive
  4. Incl. offices in Norway
  5. WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH 90%, WashTec Holding GmbH 10%

WashTec AG is the holding company of the WashTec Group. The WashTec Holding GmbH provides financial and personel services for the WashTec Group. WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH is responsible for the development, manufacture, marketing and servicing of WashTec's products. WashTec's wash systems are manufactured in Augsburg and Recklinghausen, Germany.

WashTec Financial Services GmbH provides and arranges equipment leasing solutions.

WashTec Carwash Operations GmbH is in charge of the procurement, rental and operation of car wash systems in the name and account of third parties and offers a broad range of related services.

The AUWA-Chemie GmbH produces and distributes carwash chemicals for carwashes.

International subsidiaries as well as exclusive dealers sell and service WashTec's range of products around the world.

Management Board

  • Dr. Volker Zimmermann <br>(CTO/CEO)

    Dr. Volker Zimmermann (*1963)
    Chief Executive Officer
    Areas: Supply Chain, Development, Service Support, Quality

    Volker Zimmermann earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering and worked for Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG for many years, i.a. as a board member. Last, Mr. Zimmermann was chairman of the board of Knorr-Bremse, Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH. Since February 2015, Mr. Zimmermann is chairman of the Board of Management of WashTec AG.

  • Karoline Kalb <br>(CHRO)

    Karoline Kalb (*1972)
    Member of the Board
    Areas: Legal & Compliance, Investor Relations, Human Ressources, Corporate Development, Special Projects

    Karoline Kalb is a lawyer. Since 2001 she has been working for WashTec in various management functions, i.a. as director Key Account Management and Compliance. Since November 2013, Mrs. Kalb is a member of the Board of Management of WashTec AG.

  • Rainer Springs <br>(CFO)

    Rainer Springs (*1967)
    Member of the Board
    Areas: Finance and IT

    Rainer Springs has a master in business administration (Dipl.-Kfm.) from the Universität der Bundeswehr Neubiberg. After having worked for management consulting firms for several years, he worked for ABB AG among others in the area Robotics. He joined WashTec in 2004 and was Chief Operating Officer of the US subsidiary from 2011 to 2014. Since February 2015, Mr. Springs is a member of the Board of Management of WashTec AG.

  • Stephan Weber <br>(CSO)

    Stephan Weber (*1963)
    Member of the Board

    Areas: Sales and Service, Product Management & Marketing

    Stephan Weber is engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) in the field of wood engineering. After different management functions with well-known national and international machine and plant engineering companies, he became member of the board of Michael Weinig AG responsible for Sales and Marketing. Since January 2015, Mr. Weber is a member of the Board of Management of WashTec AG.

Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Günter Blaschke (chairman)

    Businessman, Buchloe

    Memberships on other legally required supervisory boards:

    • None

    Memberships in comparable domestic or foreign supervisory bodies of companies:

    • None

  • Ulrich Bellgardt (deputy chairman)

    Managing Partner ubc GmbH, Solothurn, Switzerland

    Memberships on other legally required supervisory boards:

    • None

    Memberships in comparable domestic or foreign supervisory bodies of companies:

    • None

  • Jens Große-Allermann

    Member of the management board of Investmentgesellschaft für langfristige Investoren TGV and member of the management board of Fiducia Treuhand AG, Bonn

    Memberships on other statutory supervisory boards:

    • FPM Deutsche Investmentaktiengesellschaft mit Teilgesellschaftsvermögen, Frankfurt

    Memberships on comparable domestic and foreign supervisory committees of commercial enterprises:

    • None

  • Dr. Sören Hein


    Memberships on other statutory supervisory boards:

    • None

    Memberships in comparable domestic or foreign supervisory bodies of companies:

    • None

  • Roland Lacher

    Independent businessman,Gelnhausen-Meerholz

    Memberships on other statutory supervisory boards:

    • CBJ Cosmetic Holding AG, chairman of the supervisory board

    Memberships in comparable domestic or foreign supervisory bodies of companies:

    • None

  • Dr. Hans Liebler

    Investment Manager, Gräfelfing

    Memberships on other supervisory boards mandated by law:

    • AUGUSTA Technologie AG, Munich (member of the supervisory board/deputy chairman)
    • J.P. Rosselet Cosmetics (Germany) AG, Bremen (member of the supervisory board until Aug 30, 2014)
    • Grammer AG, Amberg (member of the supervisory board)
    • SKW Stahl AG, Munich (member of the supervisory board since Jan 01, 2014)

    Memberships on similar foreign and domestic governing bodies of business enterprises:

    • Identive Group Inc. , Santa Ana, Califofornia, USA (Non-executive member of the board of directors until Mai 22, 2014)
    • autowerkstattgroup N.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands (member of the supervisory board)


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  in EUR m              
  Revenues 256.3   268.4   293.3   301.5   299.7   302.6   340.9  
  EBITDA 22.2   29.9   19.2   29.2   27.0   28.6   46.1  
  EBIT 13.1   20.3   -10.4   19.2   17.1   18.4   36.4  
  EBT 10.5   18.6   -11.9   16.5   15.8   17.7   35.9  
  Net income 5.8   10.8   -14.6   10.1   11.2   12.7   24.6  
  Earnings per share (Euro)1 0.41   0.77   -1.04   0.72   0.80   0.91   1,78  
  Employees2 1,553   1,596   1,660   1,650   1,670   1,676   1,672  

1Weighted average number of outstanding shares: 31 Dec 2008: 14.9m, since 31 Dec 2009: 14.0m, since 31 Dec 2013:13.9m, since 31 Dec 2015: 13.8m
2Year average