What is WashTec’s German stock exchange code and security code number?

WashTec’s German stock exchange code is WSU and its security code number is 750750.

When was WashTec founded?

What is WashTec AG’s capital stock?

Does WashTec pay a dividend?

Where can I buy WashTec shares?

Does WashTec have a stock option scheme?

When was WashTec floated?

When is the next annual general meeting?

Are physical securities available?

What is WashTec’s free float?

What does WashTec AG’s shareholder structure look like?

When will the next quarterly report be published?

How can I obtain quarterly and annual reports?

Where can I find previous quarterly and annual reports?

How can I contact the IR team?

To which address should voting rights notifications be sent?

My address has changed. What do I have to do to continue to receive information from WashTec?

In which companies does WashTec hold an equity interest?

How many employees does WashTec have?

In which markets does WashTec operate?

What is WashTec’s growth strategy?

Who are the members of the Supervisory Board?

Which banks have covered WashTec AG in their equity research?

What differences result from the adoption of IAS for WashTec compared to HGB?

Who are the company’s auditors?