WashTec is the international market leader in solutions for vehicle washing, with a comprehensive portfolio of carwash systems. The high standards that we set ourselves are embodied in our Corporate Philosophy. We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In our Sustainability Policy, we define the guiding principles by which we operate in economic, environmental and social terms and which form the basis for our business activities in every part of the organization.

Our sustainable activities are based on the knowledge that every individual, every participant in economic life and every business enterprise has a duty to use all resources sparingly. In regular dialog with our employees and interested parties, we proactively identify the key issues for sustainable business, for resource-efficient vehicle washing and for the sustainable manufacture of our equipment and products. We apply this knowledge to the development and use of our products and in order to ensure efficient deployment and reuse of resources. In cooperation with all of our internal and external partners as well as all stakeholders, we follow the principles of sustainable business. Our methods to this end include testing and refining existing systems and deploying new technologies, including digital technologies, both in development and production and in the use of our products by system operators. In doing so, we also incorporate findings from research institutions and external networks.

Sustainability Report 2022
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Sustainability Report 2019
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