As the worldwide leading supplier of products along the car wash value chain, WashTec meets the highest standards not only in matters involving product and service quality, but also in matters of environmental protection.

WashTec is committed to the principle of environmental sustainability, and therefore always manages its business affairs in a manner that uses resources and materials as efficiently as possible. Our environmentally friendly products allow us to help preserve the globally scarce sources of energy and raw materials.

Our goal is to offer our customers at all times the best possible products and processes as well as the best possible service for operating a successful car wash business. In order to review the extent to which we can satisfy this goal, we constantly carry out customer satisfaction surveys in which we review the level of satisfaction with our products and our customer service.

Due to the Company’s sustainable business model, WashTec shares are included as components in investment funds that focus on sustainable investment. In 2007, WashTec received the »SRI Pass-Status« as a sustainable investment (Sustainable & Responsible Investment).

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