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What is WashTec's German stock exchange code and security code number?

WashTec's German stock exchange code is WSU and its security code number is 750750.

When was WashTec founded?

The history of WashTec dates back to the year 1885. Back then, Hans Kleindienst founded the original company, called Kleindienst GmbH & Co. KG, in Augsburg. Many years later, a number of mergers produced California Kleindienst GmbH, which was by then already the leading manufacturer of car wash systems. In the year 2000, WESUMAT also a leading manufacturer of car wash systems, headquartered in Augsburg and California Kleindienst merged, creating what is now WashTec AG.

What is WashTec AG's capital stock?

The capital stock of WashTec AG amounts to € 40,000,000 and is divided into 13,976,970 share certificates, which are all admitted to regular trade.

Does WashTec pay a dividend?

The annual general meeting on April 30, 2018 has resolved a dividend of EUR 2.45.

Where can I buy WashTec shares?

WashTec shares can be bought through any German bank and savings bank.

Does WashTec have a stock option scheme?

There is currently no stock option plan.

When was WashTec floated?

Wesumat Holding Aktiengesellschaft (today's WashTec AG) floated on November 12, 1997 under the security code number 750750. The change of name from Wesumat Holding Aktiengesellschaft to WashTec AG took place after the acquisition of the California Kleindienst Group.

When is the next annual general meeting?

The next annual general meeting will take place on April 30, 2018.

Are physical securities available?

No, there are no physical securities available.

What is WashTec's free float?

Currently, 41.54% of the 13,976,970 non-par bearer shares are in free float.

What does WashTec AG's shareholder structure look like?

9.99% Axxion S.A.
9.60% Kempen Oranje Participaties N.V.
7.43% Alantra EQMC Asset Management, SGIIC, S.A.
6.82% Dr. Kurt Schwarz1)
6.25% Merrill Lynch International
5.43% Investment AG für langfristige Investoren TGV
4.58% Paradigm Capital Value Fund2)
4.25% Treasury shares
4.00% Diversity Industrie Holding
3.35% FMR LLC3)
3.01% Fidelity Investment Trust
35.29% Other
  Source: Notifications pursuant to WpHG
  1) Leifina GmbH & Co. KG et al.
2) Carne Global Fund Managers (Luxembourg) S.A.
3) Fidelity Management & Research Company

When will the next quarterly report be published?

A complete overview of future reporting dates can be found under Events.

How can I obtain quarterly and annual reports?

Reports are currently available as pdf-file which you can find here.

Where can I find previous quarterly and annual reports?

Previous quarterly- and annual-reports can be found in our Publications

How can I contact the IR team?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
For investor relations information, please contact:

Tel: +49 (0)821 - 55 84 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)821 - 55 84 - 11 35

My address has changed. What do I have to do to continue to receive information from WashTec?

Bitte benachrichtigen Sie uns kurz per E-Mail und teilen Sie uns ihre neuen Kontaktdaten mit.
Please e-mail us your new contact details.

In which companies does WashTec hold an equity interest?

WashTec AG holds direct or indirect equity interests in the following companies:

WashTec France S.A.S., St. Jean de Braye, France 100
Mark VII Equipment Inc., Arvada, USA 100
WashTec S.r.l., Casale, Italy 100
WashTec UK Ltd., Great Dunmow, United Kingdom 100
California Kleindienst Limited, Wokingham, United Kingdom* 100
WashTec Denmark A/S, Hedehusene, Denmark 100
WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH, Wien, Austria 100
WashTec Spain S.A., Madrid, Spain 100
WashTec Car Cleaning Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China 100
WashTec Cleaning Technology s.r.o., Nyrany, Czech Republic 100
WTMVII Cleaning Technologies Canada Inc., Ontario, Canada 100
WashTec Australia Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia 100
WashTec Cleaning Technology España S.A., Bilbao, Spain* 100
WashTec Benelux B.V., Zoetermeer, Netherlands 100
WashTec Nordics AB, Bollebygd, Sweden 100
WashTec Polska spzoo, Poland 100

* Company is currently inactive

How many employees does WashTec have?

The WashTec Group currently employed 1,800 employees.

In which markets does WashTec operate?

WashTec is a full-service provider of cleaning technology for cars, trucks and buses and a leading international manufacturer of vehicle wash systems. The company manufactures, markets and services a complete range of wash systems for cars and commercial vehicles. Through its international distribution and service network, WashTec offers its customers a broad range of services covering everything from standard maintenance to total facility management.

Geographically, WashTec has a presence in all major markets of the world.

What is WashTec's growth strategy?

We offer our partners the best products, processes and services, which allow them to operate a successful car wash business. As a market and innovation leader with the best return on investment, we aim to provide the best offering in all market segments. Fast and efficient processes, entrepreneurial employees and a sound capital structure help us to achieve this goal.

Who are the members of the Supervisory Board?

The composition of our Supervisory Board can be read under company.

Which banks have covered WashTec AG in their equity research?

  02/2018  Bankhaus Lampe   Buy 
  10/2018  HSBC   Hold 
  10/2018  Hauck & Aufhäuser   Buy 
  10/2018  MM Warburg   Hold 

What differences result from the adoption of IAS for WashTec compared to HGB?

The consolidated financial statements compiled to IAS use different accounting and valuation methods - especially for leasing costs, taxes, pension provisions and goodwill - than those compiled to HGB.

Who are the company's auditors?

At the annual general meeting on May 03, 2017, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Munich, were appointed as the auditors of the annual and consolidated financial statements for fiscal year 2017, as well as for any the review of the interim report for the first half-year 2017 by the auditor.